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Anilinopyrimidine Fungicides Haptens

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Anilinopyrimidine Fungicides Haptens Empty Anilinopyrimidine Fungicides Haptens

Post by Admin Thu Dec 30, 2021 11:56 am

With the emphasis on food security, new modern fungicides have been developed over the past decade to reduce the health risks and economic impacts of plant pathogens. Pyrimidine groups of pesticides are one of the widely used chemical tools, which have protection and treatment capabilities, and have both systemic conduction and fumigation effects. Anilinopyrimidine fungicide can be quickly transmitted to all parts of the plant after application, inhibiting the secretion of pathogenic proteins, reducing the level of hydrolase, inhibiting the production of infectious enzymes by pathogenic bacteria, thereby preventing the infection of bacteria and killing them completely. To help improve the detection process, Creative Biolabs provides compound-specific anilinopyrimidine hapten design and synthesis services, which can induce the production of sufficient antibodies to meet the detection requirements. Anilinopyrimidine Fungicides Haptens


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